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From taming out-of-control frizz to adding hydration and shine, a good serum can be your holy grail hair product. Whilst being that product you can’t live without, if you’re not using your serum correctly, the effects it has on your hair can be make or break. Fear not, whether your hair is short, fine, long, thick, curly or anything in between, we’ve put together a guide of the do’s and don'ts of how to use our hair serums...

The Main Principles Of Hair Serum BenefitsAn Unbiased View of Hair Serum Benefits

If your hair is longer or thicker, use more! Our serums contain film-forming silicones to seal in moisture and hydrate dry hair, making your locks glossy, soft and manageable. Think of the silicones as a raincoat over the outer layer of your hair, helping to prevent your locks from getting frizzy.

Serums work to protect and prevent frizz to the strands of your hair - they’re simply not needed on the roots. If you’re forever fighting frizz, start your hair care regime with our Frizz Ease Shampoos and Conditioners for a frizz-free, smooth style. Our Frizz Ease Serums provide heat protection, so no need for additional product! If your hair is very thick and coarse, try our Perfect Finish Serum.

The benefits of using a serum can be truly transformative to your hair, that’s why it’s so important to maximise its benefits! Discover your ultimate frizz-fighter and shop our serums here. Want to know even more about how to add shine to your locks? Here’s avocado oil into your hair care regime… .

Sometimes it seems like hair serum is the be all and end all of the hairstyling worlds. Want smooth hair post a shower? Apply a serum. Wondering how to protect your hair before heat styling? Go for a serum! Want glossy locks all day long? The serum is the answer! With every hairstyling suggestion leading right back to it, it’s important to know how to use hair serum correctly without goofing up.

How Top Rated Hair Serum can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Applying this to unwashed hair that contains the dirt and pollutants that you’re trying to avoid is completely useless. Another factor to consider is the shampoo and conditioner that you use. Try to select a range of products that include a serum as well, so that everything that you use on your hair works well together.

Don’t - Overdo on fine hair Wondering how to apply hair serum? Here’s how you can get started. Select hair serum based on your hair type and concern. If you want to get rid of frizz, opt for the TIGI Control Freak serum. It also works as the best serum for dry hair.

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If you want shiny hair, choose the Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum. It instantly adds shine and tames flyaways to make your hair look polished and glossy. Serum is strictly meant for the lengths of your hair and serves no purpose for the scalp. If applied to it, it will cause undue blockage and build-up.

If you’re in need of a heat protectant, serum is your answer because it serves as a shield to protect hair from heat damage. The TIGI Control Freak Serum is the perfect choice to apply before heat styling as it also works as a thermal protectant to safeguard hair from high temperatures.

A little goes a long way when it comes to hair serum. Over applying serum can transform that natural shine into full on grease. So, use a coin sized amount and massage it into the lengths of your hair. A single pump of serum will suffice for mid-length hair while long hair may require a bit more.There are different types of hair serums that carry out different functions.

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This is why it is so important to read the directions at the back of the pack and follow them to the T to learn about exactly how the serum is meant to be used before you apply it. If you skipped a hair wash because serum seemed like an easy way out, stop right there.

Instead, like we mentioned before, apply serum on wet hair or clean dry locks for best results. Also, remember, when the hair is excessively dry, it absorbs serum quickly and may need a second round. So, if you find your hair dry by the middle of the day, re-apply a single pump to give your hair a shiny boost.

If too much of it is applied, it makes the hair excessively greasy and limp. Just a single pump applied over the lengths is enough to make your hair appear thicker and fresher if you have thin hair.Post application hair careYou have finished putting the serum into your hair—now what? Because we’re here to guide you all the way, these are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your serum.

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Blow dry hair to ensure that any dirt or dust particles find it harder to stick to the hair and scalp. Straighten and style with the comfort that your hair follicles are strengthened enough to withstand any damage that may be otherwise caused by using heat on your hair. if (typeof digitalData !== '' && typeof ctConstants !== 'undefined')" = "All Things Hair"; = "Products"; = "Hair Serum"; = "Right And Wrong Ways: How To Use Hair Serum for Hair Growth"; = "29-Jun-2017";;if("";"Hair Serum"; var ev = ; ev.eventInfo= 'type':ctConstants.trackAjaxPageLoad, 'eventLabel' : "Right And Wrong Ways: How To Use Hair Serum for Hair Growth", 'eventValue' :1 ; ev.category ='primaryCategory':ctConstants.other; ev.subcategory = 'Read'; digitalData.event.push(ev); var ev = ; ev.eventInfo= 'type':ctConstants.trackEvent, 'eventAction': ctConstants.articleView, 'eventLabel' : "Event Label:Right And Wrong Ways: How To Use Hair Serum for Hair Growth" ; ev.category ='primaryCategory':ctConstants.other; ev.subcategory = 'Read'; digitalData.event.push(ev); .

Hair serum can reduce frizz, and add shine, flexibility and strength to your hair. Hair serum is typically for people with dry, wavy or curly hair that is medium to long length. However, the best way to see whether or not hair serum is right for you is to simply to try it.

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You can use it pre-wash, post-wash or post style, but it is most commonly used post style to give your hair shine.

Some hair care benefits. Never used a hair serum before—and not exactly sure what one can do? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn all about the top six benefits of using a hair serum, plus get the scoop on our best hair serums for every hair type, from frizzy hair to dry hair.

TAME FRIZZ AND FLYAWAYS Frizz and frizzy hair. HAIR SERUM BENEFIT #2. ADD SHINE Besides their ability to help manage frizz and flyaways, using a hair serum can also help boost your hair’s shine. And shiny hair is basically the ultimate hair goal, right? Use a shine-boosting hair serum before you shampoo for luxurious nourishment, before styling to control hair and polish strands, and as a lightweight finishing touch for silky softness and luxurious shine.